Anime Mid-Atlantic 18

Contact the Vendor Coordinator at:


Vendor Badges

Each Vendor will receive 2 Vendor badges for the first booth purchased and one additional badge for each additional booth. Each additional Badge needed above this will be charged at $25 each.


Vendor Rules

The following regulations are made for several reasons. First, to make the convention enjoyable for everyone. Second, to not allow any one vendor any unfair advantage over another (i.e. Bootleg items). Third, to forward anime in the mainstream in the Mid-Atlantic market. Lastly, to allow us to avoid any unnecessary legal actions against us or the vendors that attends our conventions.

As more companies enter the US anime market, issues become more important than ever concerning the selling of bootleg items. We as a private convention do not, and will not condone the selling of items considered bootleg or items under copyright infringement. This policy that Anime Mid-Atlantic has adopted protects the anime companies, the fans in attendance, and our vendors. We would like to have a convention that reflects the respect that we have for the industry that has brought us decades of anime and to show how we support that industry.

The rules as set forth on the Vendor Contract govern the use of the vendor room and should be signed and mailed into the convention address. By purchasing tables for the convention, you (the vendor) agree to abide by the forth-set rules.

Anime Mid-Atlantic Entertainment LLC, the Norfolk Waterside Marriott, or any staff of the said 2 entities, will not be held liable for lose of equipment, merchandise, revenues, or any other direct, or indirect damages however caused. The convention and the Norfolk Waterside Marriott will try to provide the best security possible, but vendors are responsible for their own property, personal vehicles, and displays. Anime Mid-Atlantic Entertainment LLC. or its staff, are not responsible for any actions of vendors within the convention. Anime Mid-Atlantic Entertainment LLC. reserves the right to refuse the sale of vendor tables to anyone for any reason.


Vendor Unloading


Vendor Parking

During the convention trucks and vehicles can be parked at the Harbor Park Lot F parking lot at the Harbor Park Stadium for only $5 a day. The Lot F is located about a mile and a half from the Norfolk Waterside Marriott. The light rail service (The Tide) has a station at Harbor Park. Two stations to the west, the Tide stops at the MacArthur Square station which is only two blocks from the hotel.



Confirmed Vendors for AMA 2018
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Conventions in the Vendors Room



AMA 2018
Vendors Room Hours

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Friday - 12:30PM - 7PM

Saturday - 10AM - 6:30PM

Sunday - 10AM - 3PM