Anime Mid-Atlantic 17 June 16-18, 2017 Norfolk Waterside Marriott 
Norfolk, VA

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Some AMA Tabletop Games hosted by Pathfinder Society Hampton Roads





Seven PFS Game Tables, Six slots each

  • Friday June 16 @ 4PM - 8PM, 9PM - 1AM
  • Saturday June 17 @ 2:30PM - 6:30PM, 8PM - Midnight
  • Sunday June 18 @ 11AM - 3PM
  • Multi-table Special Saturday June 17 @ 2PM


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Super Dungeon Explore

Date: Friday June 16

Event Time: 4PM - 8PM

Date: Saturday June 17

Event Time: Noon - 4PM, 5PM - 9PM

Location: Tabletop Room


Come join us in an epic AMA adventure.

Super Dungeon Explore™ is a fast paced, table-top strategy game for 2 or more players.  Take the role of an intrepid band of heroes setting out for treasure and to rid the dungeon of its evil master.   Or, set your defenses and throw your witless hordes into battle against the heroes and decorate your dark home with their well gnawed, albeit cute, bones.

Super Dungeon Explore is filled to the top with stunning miniatures, colorful cards and game boards to get you started on your path to victory.  Your collection begins here, with more heroes and monsters on their way to fill your dungeons and battle to victory!

We will be hosting demos throughout the weekend. Check back for times and dates.







Nightmare: The Video Board Game

James Iagulli

Date: Friday  June 16

Event Time: 10:30PM - MiDNIGHT

Location: Workshop Room


Nightmare is a board game controlled by a video tape. It is a race against time and the game's host, The Gatekeeper. The aim of the game is to collect 6 of your character's keys and then race to the center of the board to open the well of souls to see if you can defeat The Gatekeeper before the time limit expires or The Gatekeeper Wins!










Date: Saturday  June 17

Event Time: 8PM - 10PM

Location: Tournament Room


The quiet morning that has settled upon your village is shattered by the sounds of screaming coming from somewhere nearby. As you rush off to investigate you are quickly met by fellow villagers. It takes only a few moments to find that the screaming came from the mayor’s house.  Quickly you and your fellows make their way to the mayor’s house, and enter. The scene before is one of utter carnage, and this kind of thing can have only been done by one creature; a Werewolf.


Welcome to the game of Werewolf. Werewolf is a social game where everyone is randomly assigned a role within the village. While there are many differently roles one may get, the most important one is that of the Werewolf. The Werewolf’s goal in this game is to kill off the villagers until they are the only ones left. However, the Werewolf can only do this during the night phase of the game. The villagers themselves are not defenseless, as during the day phase of the game they will nominate someone who they believe is the Werewolf. The accused is then given a chance plead their case in front of their fellow villagers. After that the village will take a vote on whether to spare the accused or have them put to death.  This game can get pretty interesting as people will come up with all kind of reasons that they are not the Werewolf, even if they are, and it’s a lot of fun. Hope to see you there.








Nightmare: The Video Board Game Elizabeth Bathory Expansion

James Iagulli

Date: Saturday  June 17

Event Time: 10:30PM - MiDNIGHT

Location: Workshop Room


Once bitten, twice shy! Take a turn for the worst and sink your fangs into another 60 minutes of HI-FI fright with The Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory! - the Sequel to The Video Board Game Nightmare that's literally shocking the world!


The Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory is one of the most murderous Vampires in the history of horror. Born in Hungary in 1560, Bathory killed more than 650 young women, and took early morning baths in their blood in a quest for eternal beauty. Imprisoned in her own castle for her perverse crimes, she died at 64. Or did she?


Now, it's not just a race against time but a game of sheer survival as this bat out of hell bares her teeth in the most challenging sequel in the Nightmare series. No game ever plays the same twice!


Press Play and scream the night away with new sets of Time and Fate cards plus additional Black Rose cards and an interactive Book of Rules.


Countess Elizabeth Bathory. Vampire. Nightmare IV... to love and perish forever!










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