Anime Mid-Atlantic 17 June 16-18, 2017 Norfolk Waterside Marriott 
Norfolk, VA
Hall Costume Contest

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Welcome to Anime Mid-Atlantic's Hall Costume Contest! This contest is geared for cosplayers interested in craftsmanship competition, but do not want to get on stage.


Hall Costume Contest Rules


 1. Our Judges will be roaming the Conference Center Hallways this year accompanied by one of our Tanuki Mascots and photographer! Hall Costume Contest pictures!  If you are interested in competing, you may always stop by our Cosplay Table to be pointed in the right direction!  Entries will be accepted on Friday night TBA and Saturday morning TBA.

2. Since this is a contest based on individual cosplayers' craftsmanship skill, the maker of the costume must be present for judging. YOU MAY NOT enter a costume that is either commissioned or made mainly of store-bought items!.

3. We accept all media genres of costumes for the Hall Contest. Please have reference material for your costume! We will be judging your costume on both workmanship AND accuracy.

4. You may NOT enter the Hall Costume Contest with a costume that is used to compete at ANY of Anime Mid-Atlantic's other Cosplay contests. This includes the Masquerade, the Fan Favorite Contest and the Cosplay Fashion Show.


Hall Costume Contest Awards


Judging is split over two days, so there will be awards for top costumes from the divisions for each day and an overall Best of Weekend Award for the best costume:


  • Judges's Awards
  • Youth Friday & Saturday
  • Novice Friday & Saturday
  • Journeyman Friday & Saturday
  • Master Friday & Saturday
  • Best of Friday
  • Best of Saturday
  • Best of Weekend



Hall Costume Contest Contact Information



Hall Costume Contest


Friday June 16

5PM - 8PM


Saturday June 17

11AM - 2PM


Visit the Cosplay Table

 for entry information



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