AMA 2014 Events

Here is more information on some featured events for AMA 2014!
The full schedule will be posted soon...

Music Concerts

Eien Strife Acoustic Concert - Friday 2:30PM

Junko Fujiyama Concert - Friday 9:30PM

Eien Strife Concert - Saturday 9:30PM

Eien Strife Music Video Shoot - Sunday Noon

Junko Fujiyama Concert - Sunday 1PM

Manga Library

Room 130     Friday 3PM-8PM     Saturday 10AM-8PM     Sunday Noon-4PM

The Manga Library will also feature a book swap. If you have some manga lying around the house (gently read), bring it with you to swap with others. You get to take a volume of manga for every one you bring. There will be something for the whole family, so take a break with the librarians and enjoy. Rules for the Manga Library will be explained by the Manga Library staff.

Cosplay Chess

Check-In 11:30AM     Event Time Noon

Join us for a battle of the minds! Four Chess Masters will compete to see who will be the ultimate Chess Master. A battle not to be missed!

Photography Suite by Otakorp Inc

Hotel Lobby

Otakorp will again run our Photography Suite. Attendees can purchase 4"x6" or 5"x7" prints of themselves and larger 8"x10" prints in a photo studio setting. The suite will be located in the lobby of the Norfolk Marriott Chesapeake Hotel across from the hotel registration desk. The Photo Suite runs throughout the weekend.

Voice Actor Reading

Main Events - Saturday 3:30PM

Did you ever want to see a voice actor at work. Come out to main events on Saturday Afternoon and see us do a reading from a cool script. All your favorite voice actors will be there and it will be fun for everyone.