The Rules

THERE IS NO THEME THIS YEAR. It will be a free-for-all on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis!!!!

There will be multiple games (hopefully fast games) and all players will have a chance to be on both sides.

All applicants MUST follow all rules and guidelines set by Anime Mid Atlantic itself.

Costumes do not have to be made by the cosplayer.

Applicants of all ages will be accepted but will be held responsible for their own actions. We will not be held for any liability of injuries, nor will Anime Mid Atlantic.

All costumes must be PG-13. We will immediately turn away any entries that disregard this rule. All costumes must also follow the con guidelines. All weapons must also adhere to the weapon policy.

If you want to solidify a spot in Cosplay Chess, show up early! Spots WILL fill up quickly.

You will be handed a number when you arrive. There will only be 32 people needed.

If you’d like to include a support character, please make sure you both arrive on time when you sign up.

Support characters are characters you can 'summon' to either attack or defend you during a mock battle.

You must be registered for the con before the match. Please arrive with your badge in a VISIBLE location, as they will be checked.

You WILL need to arrive IN FULL COSTUME.

Attacks are to be 'mock battles' and pure acting. No harming the other cosplayers, or actions that may damage their costumes.

Do not physically touch the other cosplayers. Hugs are permitted. (With permission from the other cosplayer). NO GLOMPING.

There is NO ONLINE SIGN UP. Please show up to the at-con sign up. It WILL be first come first serve!

Hope to see you there!

Any questions can be emailed to:

Cosplay Chess

Signups at the convention
Signups - Saturday 1PM
Event - Saturday 1:30PM

Cosplay Chess Contact

Other Costume Related Events

Cosplay Fashion Show

40 signups online and addition 25 available at the convention
Friday, June 13 - Practice - 4PM
Friday, June 13 - Event - 7:30PM

Masquerade Events

All on Saturday, June 14
Masquerade Rehearsal - 10AM
Masquerade Pre-Judging - 5PM
Masquerade - 7:30PM