Anime Mid-Atlantic 17 June 16-18, 2017 Norfolk Waterside Marriott 
Norfolk, VA

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Event Announcement for AMA


New Cosplay Event returns from AMA Cosplay Fest


We are proud to announce AMA Cosplay Lip-Sync Battle.



The Competition will be Lip-Sync Battle on stage in Costume. You can use any music you want to use. You can also bring props if needed or wanted. You can lip-sync, pose while Lip Syncing, or just have fun with it on stage.  You can even be dramatic.  It’s up to you.


Some simple Rules.


We ask that you keep the songs clean without Rated R language since we have children in the audience.


We also ask that your costumes are not overly revealing also because it is a family friendly event and kids will be present.


Please reframe from Rated R Language.


How it works.


In the Competition, there will be multiple rounds to move through up to 10 Lip-Sync contestants competing.


Each Lip Sync Contestant be judged by the audience by applause. This will occur by taking applause from 2 separate competing Lip-Sync artists at separate times for each singer after both have performed. Whoever has the loudest applause as decided by the judges will be deemed the winner.


If you win that round, you will get a chance to move on to another round against the winner from another set until contestants are narrowed down to just 2 singers.


We will only have a total of no more than 10 people to perform.


The final round will be the 2 Lip-Sync Artists that have made it to this round. They will compete against each other and the audience will be the deciding factor for the winner.


You will be allowed to use a minimum of 2 songs during the competition so if you make it to the final you could use one of the other songs again.


You can use more songs if needed but you are not required to use more than 2.


Sign-ups will be at the Cosplay Signup Table on The first floor of the Marriott at the Cosplay table next Vendors Room.