Artist Alley

The Artist Alley is FULL for the AMA 14 and we are not accepting any more artists for this year's waiting list for tables.

The Artist Alley is always a hub of activity during the convention. This is where artists and attendees interact while artists create and showcase their works. Works sold in the Artist Alley are original, commissioned works. If you are an artist interested in reserving a table, please read the following information below. Don't forget that any artist can submit artwork to the Art Show and Auction. More information about these events will be posted soon.


The Artist Alley will be located in the hallways of the Chesapeake Conference Center. This includes the foyer area and hallways near Main Events on one side of the conference center and near the Vendors Room on the other.

Tables and Rates

Tables in the Artist Alley will be six feet long. Artists need to reserve a table and pre-register for the convention. Rates for Artist Alley tables are $40 per table plus the cost of one artist registration. While we cannot guarantee placement, artists can request placement near other artists. Again, no guarantees on placement but we will try our best to fullfill earlier requests.

The Conference Center has also informed us that the tables will be six feet in length instead of six feet.


There are electrical outlets in the hallways, but conference center staff will confirm that you have paid. The cost is $55 for the whole weekend (all three days). If you are interested in purchasing access, please contact us now. Checks should be addressed to Anime Mid-Atlantic (the mailing address below) and sent by June 1st. We will send a list of the artists who have paid for electricity to the Conference Center staff. We will also provide a receipt for you which you can show to the Conference Center staff.

Anime Mid-Atlantic
P.O. Box 2636
Glen Allen, VA 23060

*Prices below do not include the cost of electrical use in the Artist Alley.


The Artist Alley is FULL for the AMA 14 and we are not accepting any more artists for this year's waiting list for tables.

Please contact the Artist Alley Coordinator ( to verify table availability and to make a reservation. Send us the following information by email:

Full Name
Studio Name (if any)
Are you purchasing electricity?

Once table availability and your reservation is confirmed, the Artist Alley Coordinator will send you the Artist Alley Reservation Form. Please fill it out and send it with your payment to the mailing address below:

Anime Mid-Atlantic
ATTN: Artist Alley
P.O. Box 2636
Glen Allen, VA 23060

Bounced checks will be subjected to a processing fee.

General Rules

Artwork commissioned in the Artist Alley should only be your own works. Artists may not sale any stickers, buttons, t-shirts, merchandise, etc that contains copyrighted images or likenesses that they do not own or are licensed to sale.

Use common sense when it comes to showing mature artwork to 18+ con goers. Do not openly display mature artwork as children and minors will be present in the hallways and foyer. Separate portfolios for discreet viewing of this art works best.

Anime Mid-Atlantic and the Chesapeake Conference Center are not responsible for any loss or damaged materials in the Artist Alley. Artist are responsible for securing their works and displays.

The Artist Alley will be operational throughout the weekend and will close each night as the Chesapeake Conference Center closes its doors at 2AM. All materials (including trash) should be removed from the Artist Alley by end of the convention (Sunday at 4PM).

Artwork Submissions for the AMA 2014 Program Book

We will continue our tradition of including artwork from artists in the Artist Alley in the convention's Program Book. More exposure for your artwork is a great thing. The artwork you send in should represent your works. All artists in the Alley are encouraged to submit one piece of artwork for inclusion.

Artwork submissions should be black and white and at least 300 dpi for printing. Image size should be no greater than 3" by 4". If larger, the image should be able to be reduced to these dimensions with no less in quality. Please do not send images with nudity, ultra-violence or offensive themes. Feel free to send us a sketch if you are unsure of its acceptance.

Let us know if you want your name or studio name included as a caption for the image. If you prefer, you can include your name or signature in the artwork itself.

Submissions are due by May 10, 2014. Images can be sent to the following email address:

Artist Alley
Registration Deadline


Confirmed Artists
for AMA 2014

Ami's Amigurumi
Afterimages of Ghostfire
Angel Trip Studios
Blind Alley Studios
Bottom Dollar
Bracing Hope
Cogs & Creatures
Crafty Premonition
Dare to Dream Creative
Destiny's Designs
Dream Crane Studios
Free Range Kittens
Hannah Huddle Studios
Haven Publishing
Intravenous Caffeine
Jilly Foo
Katsune Ink
LG Ransom
Lucky Squid Studios
Mage Creations
Magnolia Fern Studios
Otaku United
Paper Tulip Studios
Phantom Blush
Sky Fire Fox Arts LLC
Technoangel Studios

also in the Artist Alley

Trilogy Comics

Important Dates for
Artist Alley Artists

Artwork Submissions of the
AMA 2014 Program Book
May 14, 2014

Artist Alley Hours

Friday Noon - 2AM
Saturday 9AM - 2AM
Sunday 9AM - 4PM

Anime Club Alley

(located in the Norfolk Marriott Chesapeake) See Anime Club Alley page for more information