Anime Music Video Contest

The AMA AMV Contest video submission period is over.
AMV Poster
by Alexis Andrews

AMV Coordinator

AMV Screenings at AMA 14

Friday 2PM

Saturday 1:30PM

Sunday 3PM - AMV Awards

AMV Theater
by Laura Ashley


0) This should go without saying, but plagiarism will NOT be tolerated! Any attempt to submit the work belonging to anyone other than yourself will result in you being BLACKLISTED from the Anime Mid Atlantic AMV contest now and in the future.

1) All entries *MUST* conform to the formats listed above.

2) The following excessive materials are not allowed: nudity, excessive blood, foul language lyrics, racial or verbal obscenities.

3) NO BUMPERS or CREDITS will be permitted! We will provide title screens to introduce each entry for the finals.

4) A maximum of three submissions per person is allowed.

5) Entries must be at least 1 minute in length and not to exceed 5:30 minutes running time. They must contain at least 75% Japanese animation. Live action is allowed as long as your video remains mostly anime / video game. If you do use video game sources, make sure they are Japanese-produced.

6) Submissions can be no longer than 1 year old and can't have won more than 2 major awards in past contests.

7a) Dubbed sound from licensed commercial translation is NOT allowed.

7b) Your video will be returned to you for alteration or disqualified if there are any logos, watermarks, or fan-produced or licensed subtitles - CHECK YOUR WORK before submitting! You ARE allowed to produce your own subtitles.

8) All entries must be accompanied by a completely filled-out submission form. (see above) We can't stress this enough! ALL submission forms must be in some form of txt document. I WILL NOT accept Email submission forms this year due to it possibly getting lost in my inbox and trying to figure out what submission form goes to what video. That being said if you still want to include it in an email that's perfectly FINE but i will STILL require an actual txt document to be in the dropbox or as an attachment in the email if you send a download link.

9) All submitted materials become the property of Anime Mid Atlantic, and are non-returnable.

10) Submissions with significant audio or visual degradation will not be accepted. (PROTIP: do not make AMVs with downloaded video or poor-sounding audio. ^.^)

11) Prizes will be presented during a formal award show at the convention. If the contestant is not attending the convention or must leave before the award show, their awards will be mailed out after the convention courtesy of Anime Mid Atlantic. Please allow 4-6 weeks maximum for delivery. (or if you are at the viewing and want to leave me a way of contacting you, in case your video wins, if you know you wont be at the award show than please feel free to do so. the less i have to mail the better ^.^)

12) DVD copies of the contest will not be available due to legal concerns. BUT if you are there and would like an extra copy of the ballots (if we have leftovers) than please feel free to ask me and my staff will be more than happy to help. But I will make sure to post the finalists this year. last year something happened and it seems it never got posted so i will be (re)posting them as soon as I'm done this.

13) Anime Mid Atlantic is not responsible for lost, stolen, misdirected, or damaged entries, prizes, etc.

14) We reserve the right to reject any video for any reason. Rules are subject to change. If any major changes are necessary to make your entry suitable for screening, we will contact you as soon as possible.

15) All members of the Anime Mid Atlantic AMV Staff and judging panel are prohibited from entering this contest. They may still submit their videos to be shown during the non-competitive exhibition.

Any questions you can email me at for more details.

Good luck everybody and hope to see some great videos for this years contest.