AMA Cosplay Fest Table Top Games

Party Game Block by Atlantis Games & Comics

Saturday December 31st 7PM - 10PM


Come play games with your favorite purveyor of the finest games and accessories. We will have favorites Like Cards Against Humanity, Superfight, and Red Flags. Try your hand at the most dangerous game of Jenga ever, 4 foot tall Giant Jenga. Regardless of what games you play we're pretty sure you are going to have a great time.


Let's Play Mafia (18+)

Friday December 30th 10PM - 12AM

Lets Play Mafia! a card game about deception and truth to figure out who among your fellow players is a member of Team Mafia. The more the merrier when it comes to this game of that will sure to make you laugh and want more.


Let's Play SUPERFIGHT (18+)

Saturday December 31st 11PM - 12:30AM

Lets Play: SUPERFIGHT! is a card game about debating and pleading your case on why your fighter would win a duel to the death. The plays like cards against humanity in the sense of random dealt cards, but the fun of the game is debating in any shape or form why your fighter is better then the other!


New Year's D&D

Saturday January 1st 12:30AM - 3AM

Ring in the new year with some action and excitement, swords and sorcery. I will be running a one-shot adventure using the Dungeons and Dragons 5e rule set. Even if you just want to watch or learn about the game, you are welcome to come by and hang out. I may even be able to answer questions you might have.




Room 212 - Open Gaming


Friday 3 PM - 2 AM

Saturday 10 AM - 3 AM

Sunday 10 AM - 4 PM



Room 223 - Tournaments


See the Pocket Program for tournament times



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