AMA Cosplay Fest Special Events


Pretty Pretty Princess Pageant

Round 1 - Friday 7:30PM

Round 2 - Saturday 11AM

Final Round - Saturday 8:30PM


Hear ye! Hear ye! All princesses  (and princess!) apply! join us for 3 rounds of

Pretty Pretty Princess where our cosplay royalty battle it out for the right to

call themselves the Prettiest Princess (or Prince!) of the con! Round 1 with

16 people on Friday. Round 2 with 8 people on Saturday afternoon and the

Final Round of 4 on Saturday evening. More information to be announced.













Party Game Block by Atlantis Games & Comics

Time: Saturday December 31st 7PM - 10PM


Come play games with your favorite purveyor of the finest games and accessories. We will have favorites Like Cards Against Humanity, Superfight, and Red Flags. Try your hand at the most dangerous game of Jenga ever, 4 foot tall Giant Jenga. Regardless of what games you play we're pretty sure you are going to have a great time.



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