AMA Cosplay Fest Press

Press who are interested in covering events at AMA Cosplay Fest may be eligible for press passes. These passes allow press attending the convention to receive early access and preferred seating at some events.


Who Qualifies For A Press Pass?


Print reporters and columnists





AMA Cosplay Fest will consider new media outlets on a case-by-case basis. Topics of interest to AMA Cosplay Fest attendees and frequency of activity are some of the things we will look at when judging the eligibility of bloggers, podcasters and photographers.


How Do I Get A Press Pass?


To receive a press pass for AMA Cosplay Fest, applicants MUST complete the Press Pass Request Form. Press passes are NOT reserved until you receive confirmation from the AMA Cosplay Press Coordinator. Eligible applicants will be notified through email and added to our press list. Please send any additional questions to


Free press passes are limited to TWO per press outlet. Press passes will be waiting for you at the pre-registration table at the convention. After you receive your badge, head over to Operations to confirm potential featured guest interviews and ask other convention related questions.


Press Pass

Request Form

What Do I Get With A Press Pass?


Press passes get you preferred seating at some events. If you are interested in interviewing our featured guests, please note this on the Press Pass Request Form. We will try our best to setup times to meet with our featured guests but cannot guarantee a set time due to their schedules.

After The Convention


After the convention please send us information on your press coverage, interviews, and photo sites. We like to collect this information and will link to select sites so others can read or view your work. The contact email is:


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