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Our series of panel discussions and demos and hands-on workshops will cover a wide range of attendee interests: anime fandom, video games, music, cultural topics, cinema, the internet, and much more. And don't miss our panels and workshops hosted by the featured guests.



Hosting Panels and Workshops


If you are interested in hosting a panel or workshop, please fill out our Panel and Workshop Request Form.  We will evaluate all proposals are accepted for various reasons.  All proposals and inquires must be submitted before November 10, 2016.


If you have questions about our hosting policies you can contact us at:



Complimentary Badges


If your panels are accepted, we will provide complimentary badges for panelists running three or more panels or workshops. Panelists hosting two panels will receive a discount on a two day pre-registration. Complimentary and discounted badges will be limited to 2 badges per group of two or more panels/workshops. Others may also host these panels but they will not receive a discount. Panels MUST be accepted before you can receive a discounted pre-registration or complimentary badge.


Two panels -- $20 Pre-registration

Three or more panels -- FREE Pre-Registration



Check-In Procedures


After going to the Registration, proceed to Program Ops. The check-in procedure will be a quick and simple way to touch base with our staff before your event. Attendance will be taken to let us know you are at the convention for scheduling purposes and as a courtesy to those who want to attend your panel or workshop. We will also review any equipment or technical needs for your event.




Panel and Workshop request deadline has passed.

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