AMA Cosplay Fest Masquerade

Anime Mid-Atlantic Masquerade Rules



1. There is a maximum limit of 30 entries, on a first-come-first-serve basis. 20 of these entries will be accepted by the online form next to these rules. The remaining 10 slots (or whatever openings remain) will be available for sign ups on Friday evening until 8PM at the Cosplay Table. All entries will received Masquerade badges at rehearsal (More on that in a moment). These badges will contain all pertinent information regarding times and locations for Masquerade events, and they will be checked by Staff/Security for all locations such as Rehearsal and our Green Room.

2. You may not enter the Masquerade with a costume that is used to compete at ANY of Anime Mid-Atlantic’s other Cosplay contests. This includes the Hall Costume Contest, the Fan Favorite Contest and the Cosplay Fashion Show.

3. Rehearsal is MANDATORY. Any entry that does not attend Rehearsal will not be allowed to compete. Please remember that walk-ons are an optional form of presentation to a skit, and becoming familiar with the stage during Rehearsal will help you show off your costume at every angle in the best light.


4. Time limits! An Individual presentation has 90 seconds. Groups of 2-6 have 3 minutes (180 seconds). Groups with 7+ members have a maximum of 4 minutes. No more than ten people on stage at any given time, without consent of the Coordinator and our Tech Crew.

5. Please keep your skit content and dialogue to a child-safe range. Profanity is not acceptable. Subtlety is a practiced art.


6. What goes on the stage with you, comes of the stage with you. For safety reasons things like confetti, fireworks, flash paper or other forms of pyrotechnics, rose petals, water, and other small messy objects are strictly forbidden from the stage area. The cosplay staff will be very unhappy with a mess, nor will the audience be amused by a cleanup crew.


7. Stage acrobatics are not recommended, especially for beginner cosplayers. If you plan to use martial arts, falling techniques or gymnastic talents, it must be approved by the cosplay coordinator ahead of time, and practiced during Rehearsal.

-- 1st Corollary: Concerning martial arts and weapons, if you REALLY want to impress someone, keep it at 1/4 speed. Again, this must be pre-approved by the coordinator. Do not try to sneak in a weapon, you will be pulled off stage by the coordinator herself! You risk the safety of the stage equipment, as well as your own should you attempt such a stunt... and both are not worth the risk.


Masquerade Event Schedule


Sign Ups End @ Friday 8PM

Rehearsal @ Saturday 10AM

Cosplay Prejudging @ 4:30PM


Cosplay Green Room @ 6:30PM


Masquerade @ 7PM


Pre-Con Masquerade

 Contact Information

8. Music and dialogue tracks: The Tech crew allows the use of CDs and MP3s if you wish to have background music or a dialogue for lip-syncing. Please label your name and address on the front of the CD, and also specify in LARGE writing which track you need. The tech crew cannot be blamed for any difficulties when entries are not prepared themselves. Tech crew cannot mix music on site.  Please bring music ready to be played.

9. Craftsmanship judging and Line-up will be held in our Cosplay Green Room prior to the Masquerade. Entries opting for Craftsmanship judging are asked to arrive early. Once you check in, we also as that you remain in the Green Room until you are led to the stage. We do plan on having snacks and drinks for those who are timely and respect the tight schedule of our Masquerade. Line-up is MANDATORY. You risk your entry being dropped if you arrive late.


1. Craftsmanship is the assessment of the costumer's skill at making a costume. Craftsmanship Judging is OPTIONAL. Please mark your registration form if you would like to have your costumes judged.

2. Costumes that are commissioned or consist mainly of bought items will NOT be allowed to compete for craftsmanship judging. You may not receive credit for another person's work! In the case of family members helping in the making of a costume, that is acceptable. However, we ask that the maker be present at pre-judging to discuss the costume with our judges.

3. Judges really appreciate reference pictures and art to properly assess accuracy. Please bring pictures of your character(s) to the Green Room for the Craftsmanship judges.

4. No costume is NO COSTUME. Nudity and the display of bodily parts mandatorily covered by a bikini (for women) or speedos (for men) is strictly forbidden.

Masquerade Events' Skill Divisions and Awards


The same skill divisions will be used in both our Masquerade and Hall Costume Contest:


Youth division: Any entry aged 15 and under.


Novice division: Any costumer who has won 2 or less major awards in past costume contests. If you have never competed before, please select this division.

Advanced division: Any costumer who has won 3 or more major awards in past costume contests.


Group entries please remember, select the skill division by the highest-skilled person in your group! For example, a group of novices and a master will be required to compete in the Master division. Entries may also enter skill divisions higher than they have earned through past awards, as there are many experienced costumers who just haven't taken the opportunity to compete. We highly encourage our competitors to do their best and challenge themselves!





Judges Awards

Best in Novice

Best in Advanced

Best in Youth

Best Overall Craftsmanship will be awarded to the entry that shows not only the greatest skill in crafting his/her costume(s), but shows attention to detail, accuracy, and ingenuity in costume design.

**Best in Show will be awarded to the entry that not only presents a well-made costume(s), but incorporates outstanding performance while on stage. Entries who are not judged for Craftsmanship will not be eligible for Best in Show.


SPECIAL AWARD: The Masquerade Coordinator will present a special award as well, to be announced during the awards ceremony.




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