AMA Cosplay Fest Cosplay Lip Sync Battle

We are proud to announce AMA Cosplay Lip-Sync Battle.


The Early Rounds will be lip-sync on stage in Costume. You can use any music you want to use. You can also bring props if needed or wanted. In these rounds, a panel of Judges will decide if you are able to move on based on scoring by judges.


If you are able to move on to the Quarter Final rounds, you will still be able to choose your own music and Props,but you will be judged by the audience by applause. This will occur by taking applause from 2 separate competing Lip-Sync artists at each time after competing.


The Semi-Final rounds will be the 4 Lip-Sync Artists still standing by Applause and they will compete against each other.

Applause will decide the remaining 2.


The final round will be the 2 Lip-Sync Artists that have made it to this round. They will compete against each other and the audience will be the deciding factor for the winner.


You will be allowed to use a minimum of 2 songs during the competition so if you make it to the final you could use one of the other songs again.


You can use more songs if needed but you are not required to use more then 2.

Cosplay Lip Sync Battle

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